Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Collection of Information

Our company collects only non-identifiable (anonymous) information, which means we cannot identify a user or access their personal information based on the data collected. This information is primarily gathered through the use of third-party analytical cookies, including Google Analytics. These cookies help us enhance the quality of our services and maintain a high-quality user experience. The information collected is generic in nature, such as the number of pages viewed, device/browser used, and time spent on the site. Due to the anonymous nature of this data, there are no usage restrictions, and it may be disclosed at any time.


We utilize cookies and similar technologies to enhance the user experience and measure site engagement. Cookies are small text files that websites place on your device during browsing and are processed and stored by your web browser. Cookies are harmless and serve essential functions for websites. They can typically be viewed and deleted within your browser. Our site employs various types of cookies:
  • Session Cookies: These cookies are stored only during your session on the site and help remember your preferences as you navigate, preventing the need for re-authentication or re-processing on different pages where applicable.
  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain for a predetermined period, typically no longer than 30 days, or until manually deleted. We use them to remember whether you have accepted or dismissed specific notifications and to identify your location to display relevant content.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Our trusted partner websites, such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, set these cookies to measure your access and interactions with our site.
You have full control over cookies and your privacy. You can delete or block cookies at any time through your browser settings. However, disabling certain cookies, like those enabling location-based content, may result in a limited experience. You can also withdraw your consent to our site’s cookies by contacting us at Online Gambling. This service is free, and no fees will be charged, provided your request is reasonable.

Privacy Protection

Online Gambling assures our readers that we will not misuse their data. We adhere to all industry regulations and privacy standards related to data policies and consumer privacy. Our site employs industry-standard HTTPS encryption to ensure user security and privacy while browsing our services. Although we may recommend gaming sites, we do not collect or accept any payment information from our readers.
For privacy-related inquiries, feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page.

Our Services

Gaming is a form of entertainment. Online Gambling and its writers encourage responsible gaming and gambling among readers of legal age and sound mind. Our services are not intended for users under the age of 18.
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